Lek Securities Corporation is an independent order-execution and clearing firm that provides direct access to equities, options, fixed income, foreign exchange and futures markets through ROX. If you are a sophisticated trader, Lek Securities and the ROX System could be right for you.

Trading & ROX

ROX, your Gateway to the Market℠, empowers traders by providing lightning fast access to a wide range of exchanges, ECNs, dark-pools and market makers world-wide.

Customers with their own front-end systems benefit can from our low-latency order routing network by sending their orders using the FIX protocol.

Clearing & Settlement

Lek Securities offers direct accounts and Prime Brokerage services to professional and institutional customers as well as sophisticated individual investors.

We provide clearing services to broker dealers that service institutional and retail accounts. Fully disclosed clearing arrangements are available to regulated broker dealers worLd-wide. Omnibus accounts are available to foreign financial institutions authorized to hold client money.


Lek Securities acts as global custodian for institutions and financial services companies from all over the world. Our services include safekeeping, income processing, corporate actions and tax services.

From our private website, Lek Securities' customers can login to see all of their positions on a single statement. Valuations of foreign holdings can be expressed in the currency of their choice.

IT Services

Lek Securities provides options for front, middle, and back office solutions.

Customers can choose a complete solution or only what they need. Solutions may include Risk Monitoring, Order and Execution Management Systems, and connection via FIX protocol or proprietary APIs. We are co-located in major data centers, and offer pre and post-trade matching as well as customized reports.